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It Rained That Day is a clever little narrative-driven puzzle adventure where you use pictures of a man’s memories to recount the story of how he fell in love.

In It Rained That Day you are attempting to recount the distorted memories of your relationship with a woman you fell in love with. Another person is there with you, probing you with questions and correcting you on certain facts that you misremember. As you make your way through your memories you can use a camera to take snapshots of certain objects, which you can then use in another part of the world (such as taking a picture of a key and using it in a door). As you play through you learn more about your character and the woman he loves – you’re best to pay attention to the little details though, your character may not be the most reliable narrator.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, It Rained That Day is a clever piece of storytelling that does a great job of showing you just enough of the story to help you piece together the story yourself. After the first playthrough it’s certainly worth playing through again to see what small details you may have missed as this is no ordinary love story!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Camera, Tab – Journal/Inventory

Available On: Windows

Download It Rained That Day Here

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