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itslikesnake is a stylish and very tricky little Snake-like arcade game where you crawl through a garden, eat apples, shoot spiders and attempt to avoid hitting your own tail.

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, itslikesnake is a fast paced arcade game that plays quite a lot like Snake (hence the title). You eat apples to grow but your character gets hungry so there is a timer between eating each one. Also it’s set in a beautiful Sonic 3 Special Stage-esque rolling 3D garden, you can jump and later on you can shoot at the nasty spiders that chase you.

Much like the game itslikesnake draws inspiration from, it’s a simple game but it’s very addictive. There are a couple of frustrations – not being able to restart on the level you die on and the fact that the apple and level counter text obscures the part of the screen you really need to see best. It’s a lot of fun though, with addictive gameplay and a delightful visual style. It’s like Snake, and it’s also like, a lot of fun.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download itslikesnake Here

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