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iUBES game

iUBES is an innovative RTS/god game in which you help your colony of intelligent cubes (iUBES) build, defend their city and destroy enemy cubes.

As your iUBES are intelligent, they don’t need to be micromanaged – they can forage and fight by themselves.  You decide what structures and units they must build in order to nurture your civilisation and fight the enemy.

There are resources in iUBES, but the main thing you have to manage is time.  Organisation is key  a well organised colony will save time and get work done faster.  This is most apparent in online multiplayer battles which are a novel sort of instancing chain system, the dev explains it like this:

‘When you’re playing against player B (C vs B) you’re actually playing against the strategy that player B has made against player A. When your battle is over – and if you have won the game – player D will be asked to try to defeat your strategy (D vs C). If D loses against you (C), your map could be played by dozen of opponents.’

It’s a great game that brings a new form of RTS to it’s 100,000 unique cylindrical worlds – an intelligent RTS full of intelligent cubes.

Controls:  Mouse & Keyboard

Available On:  Windows Only

Download iUBES Here

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