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Jacobs Hell Game Download

Jacob’s Hell is an unsettling little first person exploration game in which you take on the role of Jacob, a bad man who’s done some very bad things and is now exploring his new home in Hell.

Jacob always knew he was going to hell, due to the atrocities he committed during his lifetime,  and appears to have prepared himself for it as he seems a little unfazed by the horrors he sees. There’s no objective or end goal in Jacob’s Hell, you just explore the game’s stylish low rez interpretation of Hell, discover points of interest and read a little about them.

The atmosphere is very tense and oppressive, and the strange sights you see scattered in the darkness hint of untold stories and tortured souls.  A strange, surreal and stylish walk through hell well worth checking out

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look

Available On: Windows

Download Jacob’s Hell Here

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