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jamiroquai game

The Jamiroquai Game is a fantastic little game that allows you to re-enact the awesome Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai video, grooving around a room while chairs fly in from every direction.

It’s a surprisingly tough game, as chairs come from all directions, with random ‘attack patterns’ each time (if chairs can have attack patterns).   Getting hit by a chair will result in a comical ‘thwack’ sound effect and Jay Kay falling to the ground in a crumpled heap.

Very silly, funny and highly addictive, the Jamiroquai Game is a perfect little homage to the classic music video.  Kudos to Jay Kay for shooting the whole Virtual Insanity video in one take – it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be so successful!

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys/Control Pad Analogue Stick – Move,  Spacebar/Start – Restart

Available On: Windows only

Check Out a Short Gameplay Video Here

Download The Jamiroquai Game Here

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