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Jelly Drift is a fun little racing game where you race tail-happy cars around beautiful low poly racetracks.

Created by Dani (creator of the excellent Karlson games), Jelly Drift is a simple, but oddly addictive racing game with fun physics and stylish low poly visuals. It’s a fairly stripped back experience, but it features five tracks to race around and seven unlockable cars with unlockable skins.

The tracks are challenging and have little shortcuts to discover, and your AI opponent really puts up a fight. What’s most fun about Jelly Drift is the way the cars handle though. It feels simultaneously arcadey and physics-based, and takes a while to master. It’s a lot of fun when you nail a corner, but it’s perhaps more enjoyable when things go wrong and you have to quickly correct – such as pulling off a quick 180 while maintaining your velocity in the right direction. See if you can master the art of Jelly Drifting!

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Jelly Drift Here

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