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Jennifer is an incredibly brutal, gory and depraved retro side scrolling beat ‘em up that you can feel clawing away at your sanity as you play it.

Created in OpenBOR, in Jennifer you take control the reanimated corpse of a woman then fight your way through hordes of demonic monsters as you unravel an atmospheric tale of psychosis, debauchery and body horror. You start with a limited skill set, but as you progress you unlock more attacks, combos and special attacks – all of which are beautifully animated and often extremely grotesque.

The subject matter in Jennifer is very dark and you really shouldn’t go near it if you’re easily triggered. It combines Cronenberg-esque body horror with OTT cartoonish gore in a similar vein as Tokyo Gore Police or The Machine Girl movies. The subject matter is eften even more disturbing than those movies though.

Oddly, there is a point about an hour into the game where you meet an impassable floor of spikes and have to just give up, but by then you’ll probably of had all you can stomach of it anyway. It is a great (and truly unforgettable) game, but spending too much time in its disturbing blood splattered fever dream and blood filled world really can’t be good for you!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, A – Attack, S – Dash, D – jump, F – Special, Z – Knife, X – Move List

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: HERE

Download Jennnifer Here (Requires Sign Up)

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