Jim Brimstone: Devil Advocate – Browser Game

Jim Brimstone: Devil Advocate is a fun little Phoenix Wright style courtroom game where you attempt to get some well known video game criminals off the hook for their crimes.

Created by AploveStudio (creator of RoseBlight and Reversary), Jim Brimstone: Devil Advocate is a lighthearted courtroom game where you’re a devil who plays devil’s advocate. You’re a lawyer who has three(ish) cases to defend, and each features characters from well known indie games (such as the dealer from Buckshot Roulette). Every case has overwhelming evidence that should get your clients locked up for life, but you’re a VERY good (liar) lawyer, so it should be no problem to get them off. Make three wrong arguments and you’ll lose their case though!

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, it’s a very funny little game with a clever premise, great gags and lots of fun little in-jokes. You’ll have a very good time being a very bad lawyer!

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Jim Brimstone: Devil Advocate Here

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