Joggernaut – Browser Game

Joggernaut is a stylish little endless runner where you don’t control the runner – instead you rotate the obstacles on the track to clear a way for him.

Created for the Dream Arcade Archive game jam, in Joggernaut your aim is to get your jogger to as far travel down an infinite tunnel as possible without hitting obstacles. The jogger continuously runs down the tunnel and you select and rotate the coils in front of him to clear a pathway. If you align up coils of the same type then the runner gets a little boost.

The boosting seems a little more of a hindrance than a help at the moment as it can leave you a little disoriented and very close to obstacles (but you do get a few seconds invulnerability). It’s an addictive game though that delivers a fun twist on the classic infinite runner formula and has some wonderfully hypnotic visuals.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Select & Rotate Coils

Available On: Browser

Play Joggernaut Here

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