JollyJailJumper – Download & Browser Game


JollyJailJumper is a challenging action platformer controlled entirely with just two buttons in which you must avoid hazards and change between disguises as you attempt to escape a maximum security jail.

Your character in JollyJailJumper runs constantly and will simply switch directions if he runs into a wall. This means you don’t really have to worry about movement, you simply have to worry about the timing of your actions. The two actions available to you are jumping and swapping between your prison outfit and a stolen prison guard uniform. You’ll have to jump and wall jump to avoid obstacles and change between outfits depending on whether you’re near guards of prisoners.

It’s a well crafted and very challenging game, with great pixel art animation and devious level design. The fact you can’t control your movement means you’ll have to be quick with your jumping or outfit swapping actions or your jailbreak will be over in seconds!

Controls: Spacebar – Jump, Tab – Change Outfits

Available on: Windows & Browser

Download or Play JollyJailJumper Here

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