Joulumato – Browser Game

Joulumato is a charming little browser-based arcade game where you help Rudolph guide Santa’s sleigh and deliver presents that are scattered on the ground of its snow-filled levels.

In Joulumato you control Rudolph as he leads Santa’s Sleigh through the sky to deliver presents in Christmas Eve. All the presents are scattered across the ground so you’ll have to fly close to them to pick them up, then fly past the chimney-tops to drop them off. However, touching the ground or other flying objects will instantly kill you, as will flying into Santa’s sleigh or any of the training reindeer.

For the most part the actual level design doesn’t get tougher as you progress through them, but an extra reindeer is added to your trail after each level, which makes avoiding crashing into the sleigh a little tougher. Interestingly, the way the extra reindeer affect the way the sleigh is trailed behind you means that the game is toughest during levels 3-7, with it actually getting easier towards the ending at level 9 (but you can continue playing on far as long as you like, with even more reindeer being added for each level you complete).

The gameplay in Joulumato is pretty simple, but surprisingly addictive and it’s great fun trying to guide your sleigh through the sky. It’s most fun during levels 3-7 where the sleigh is a real danger, but there’s a certain pleasure to be had from building up a massive trail of reindeer too. A great little retro festive sleigh-ride well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Joulumato Here

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