Juan the Explosive – Download Game

Juan the Explosive is a short and silly co-operative multiplayer arcade game in which you attempt to binge watch the ‘Juan the Explosive’ TV show before the world ends!

The world is about to end due to an impending collision with an asteroid. However, you and your friend still having finished watching the award winning Juan the Explosive TV show, starring a hard-hitting ass-kicking biker. If you binge watch the whole series of Juan the Explosive you may manage to watch the whole thing before the world ends. However your viewing keeps on being interrupted by breaking news broadcasts and technical difficulties – you and your friend need to flip through the channels and find ones that are still transmitting your TV show. You both need to be watching at the same time to properly binge watch the show, so no watching other channels (even if they do look kinda fun too!)

Juan the Explosive is a very short game, but very well made, with fun channel flipping gameplay and lots of quirky TV shows to flip through. The actual Juan the Explosive TV show looks pretty fun too!

Controls: P1 – UP/Down, P2 – W/S

Available On: Windows

Download Juan the Explosive Here

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