Juice Galaxy – Downloadable Game

Juice Galaxy is a thoroughly weird physics-based open world action adventure set in a happy place where you can fly around and drink juice.

Previously called Juice World, Juice Galaxy is a thoroughly ridiculous game that feels like a physics-based toy box that’s full of wacky stuff to discover. After you’ve passed the (hilariously deadly) tutorial, you then get to jump into a large open world, filled with odd characters, secrets, monsters and weapons to discover. There are some objectives to complete, but on the whole, it’s more about jumping in head-first and seeing what weird stuff you unearth.

It’s very hard to truly prepare someone for entering Juice Galaxy. But your trip will be a joyful, surreal and confusing experience full of discovery and anarchic mayhem. Highly recommended

Controls: Controller, Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Juice Galaxy Here

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