Jump Doper – Browser Game

jump doper game

Jump Doper is a fun little game in which you play jump rope with a variety of odd low poly objects using a skipping rope that slices you to pieces every time you make a mistake.

The gameplay in Jump Doper is very simple but addictive, with you simply pressing a key to make the object jump over the rope. The better you do, the faster the rope gets and the more challenging the game becomes. When you do eventually make a mistake it may not necessarily be an instant game over – if the rope just grazes you then it’ll just chop off a piece of you and you’ll be able to carry on

It’s an addictive little game, with fast paced gameplay, stylish low poly visuals and some cool ways to get sliced up. Get some decent high scores and you’ll even unlock new avatars to chop up!

Controls: Any Button – Jump

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Jump Doper Here

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