Jumphobia – Browser Game

jumphobia 1

Jumphobia is a super tough, hardcore precision platformer in which you have no jump button – instead your character auto-jumps when reaching a ledge, if you want them to or not!

Jumphobia’s simple visual design belies some very clever level design – deviously designed mazes that require a little thought and a lot of skill to navigate.  It feels fondly reminiscent of Super Meat Boy and N+ with it’s fast paced precision platforming, instant restarts and challenging gameplay.  The main difference here though is that you have no jump button – instead your character automatically jumps when he reaches a ledge.  This can require a little more thought than a traditional platformer because sometimes you really don’t want to jump in this well crafted precision platformer that really will make you afraid of jumping!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Left/Right

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Jumphobia Here

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