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Just Business is a stylish little turn-based puzzler where you set the scene and plan your moves to eliminate all the bad guys in a 1920’s mobster movie.

In Just Business you’re the hero in a 1920’s mobster movie which is currently filming. In each scene you have to eliminate all of the bad guys and escape unscathed. You can rearrange extras and scenery a little before each scene and then when the scene starts then movement is turn based, with you able to move/attack once or twice per turn (though it can sometimes be beneficial to skip your turn altogether.

There are 12 levels to play through, with the final levels offering a real challenge as you try to figure out the best combination of scene set-up and actions. It’s a fun concept that feels a little like a turn-based Hotline Miami and has a great 1920’s movie visual style. Well worth checking out for a bit of gangster shootout fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Just Business Here

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