Just More Doors – Downloadable Game

Just More Doors is a very inventive and surprising first person puzzle adventure where you find yourself trapped in an infinite maze of doors with one simple instruction: “open the door to win”.

A sequel/expansion of the ideas in the excellent Just a Few More Doors, Just More Doors starts with you trapped in a mysterious white void with a large building standing in front of you. Upon entering the building you find yourself trapped in an infinite network of doors that lead to different rooms. Your only guide is a mysterious person who writes text on the walls and tells you that you just have to “open the door to win”.

There are lots of clever little puzzles and surprises to discover as you explore the infinite network of doors in Just More Doors. It’s a very creative and inventive game that rewards experimentation and observation. Even the normal rooms are fun to explore and there are lots of special rooms to discover along the way. Or you could just win the game from the very first room if you just open the door! Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interact, Shift – Run, Right Click – Zoom

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Just More Doors Here

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