Just One Chance – Browser Game

Just One Chance is a fast paced precision platforming adventure where you can use the bodies of previous players as platforms, and if you die you can’t play again for 23 hours!

In Just One Chance your aim is to make it to the end of a labyrinthine game world that’s filled with trick jumps and deadly spikes. It takes Super Meat Boy levels of skill to conquer it, but unlike Super Meat Boy, if you die you can’t play again instantly – you have to wait 23 hours. Thankfully, all the bodies of previous players stay where they died, so you can stand on them to avoid spikes, making things a little bit easier in the process – but you still have to be careful, one wrong step and you’ll be one of those bodies!

It’s a simple, but fun little precision platforming game with a great concept. There’s a certain morbid enjoyment to be had from using the bodies of other players as platforms and having only one life a day makes each jump that much more consequential. See if you can reach the end or if you’re destined to be a fleshy platform for others to stand on!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Play Just One Chance Here

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