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Kagami 化神 is a very cleverly crafted puzzle platformer where you control a cat who can mirror itself and certain objects as it makes its way through the game’s deviously designed levels.

In Kagami 化神 you control a little cat who can lay a mirror line one in front of it which then reflects a spirit version of the cat and solid versions of certain structures. The spirit version of you mirrors your movements and you can instantly swap places with the spirit at the touch of a button. Your spirit can also possess certain moveable structures, allowing you to move them or even flip its position on the screen. In each level you need to use your abilities to collect all the coins on the screen, then make your way to the exit.

The gameplay mechanics of Kagami 化神 are a little hard to get your head around when you read them, but it’s surprisingly intuitive and the game does a great job of easing out in. Once you get to grips with it, you find that Kagami 化神 is a masterclass in level design, with your spirit cat abilities being tested in lots of inventive ways – some of which will test your reflexes and platforming skills, but all of which will seriously test your grey matter. Highly recommended.

Controls: Control Pad Recommended, D-Pad – Movement, A-Jump, X – Set Mirror Barrier, RB – Swap Positions

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Kagami 化神 Here

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