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Kahiora is a beautiful and fast paced third person action adventure where you defend your land from invaders that have come to steal your life-sustaining essence.

Created by students at ISART Digital, Kahiora sees you taking on the role of a powerful warrior as she defends her land from robotic enemies that are trying to steal the life source that your land relies on. The gameplay is fast paced and combat-focused, with you using a range of fighting abilities to fend off the robotic invasion and keeping them away from your Goddess Tree.

The reliance on stopping to charge your life essence slows down the game a bit too much, but It’s a visually spectacular game with fast paced and fun combat. Some of your abilities look particularly good and it easily has the snazziest short range teleport/dash animation you’ll ever have seen. Well worth checking out for a bit of third person brawling fun.

Controls: Control Pad Recommended

Available On: Windows

Download Kahiora Here

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