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Kaiju Super Datetech is a fantastic physics based arcade platforming construction game where you build a mecha-kaiju out of scrap parts as it drives across to impress its kaiju date.

Playable in single player or local multiplayer with up to 10 players, in Kaiju Super Datetech you must construct and transport a massive mechanical kaiju that has the three things every kaiju can’t help falling for – sexy features, colossal height and punctuality. This means that you have to build it as tall as possible, attach random pieces of flair high enough for your date to see them and get to the date as fast as possible.

You control a little human who can pick up pieces of scrap found on the floor and attach them together to build your robo-kaiju. Large metal parts are used to create the body, wheels and rockets can be attached to help propel it and random pieces of flair like hats, eyes and handbags are added as decoration. You start off small, but as your kaiju rolls onwards towards its date you can collect more pieces and add them. You need to get nice and tall, but you also want to avoid being top-heavy, as the road is bumpy and it’s easy to fall over.

It takes a minute to wrap your head around, but once you master the building mechanics, Kaiju Super Datetech is a blast. You can build all manner of crazy looking mecha-kaiju and making them good enough to impress your date and stable enough to traverse the terrain is a real challenge. Can you construct the ultimate dating mecha-kaiju?

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Grab/Attach Scrap, Z/C – Rotate Scrap, Spacebar – Activate Rockets/Wheels

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Tip: Press “Down” when attaching wheels to get them to touch the ground.

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Kaiju Super Datetech Here

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