Katjepult – Browser Game

Katjepult is a simple and beautifully styled auto-runner platformer where you control a cat as it runs through an embroidery world.

Created for the Women Game Jam 2021, Katjepult is a charming little auto-runner platformer set in an embroidery world. In the game you control a cat as it attempts to dodge water (which slows it down) and avoid gaps, with you increasing speed as you go (as long as you avoid the water).

Gameplay-wise Katjepult isn’t much to shout about as it’s a fairly basic auto-runner, but the delightful embroidery styled visuals and charming soundtrack make it a very pleasant experience. It’s a pretty tough game too, you’ll be lucky to get more than 30 seconds in before everything unravels for you!

Controls: Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Browser

Play Katjepult Here

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