Keep Walking EP – Downloadable Game


Keep walking is a super cool pixel art walking game, where you play a chilled out loner, who would rather listen to some superb indie music than interact with anyone as he strolls down the street.

All you have to do is press up and down through 4 lanes of oncoming pedestrians to avoid colliding with them.  The catch?  You can’t actually see your side of the street from the the angle the game’s viewed from – you have to look in the reflections of the windows on the opposite side of the road to figure out what’s happening on your side.

Carry on along the path and you’ll also collect cigarettes, beer and cash, as well as being able to play some cool retro mini-games on the arcade machines you pass.  Keep Walking is a wonderful audio visual experience, that chilled out loner certainly has the right idea – just stroll along taking in the sights, listening to fantastic indie music, while enjoying cigarettes, booze and retro arcade gaming!


  • Arrow Keys – UP, Down (& Left, Right in Minigame)

Available on: Windows Only

Download Keep Walking Here (Pay what you like, or free)

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