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Keychain is a creepy little retro horror adventure where you become a human keychain that loses keys (and health) each time you use the wrong key in a door.

The goal of Keychain is to use the various keys you find to help you escape from a creepy abandoned office building. Each key is unique to a different door and when you collect each key you place it on the large keyring that’s attached to the back of your head. Use the correct key in a door and you’ll keep the key and go through the door as normal, but if you use the wrong key in a door you’ll still be able to go through that door, but you’ll lose that key and you’ll also get a horrible animation as your character breaks their neck.

The keys are essentially your health and each time you use one in the wrong door then you lose one. However, only a few of the doors have signs on them so you have to memorize what door leads to where and occasionally you’ll also have to deal with a weird looking doppelganger that chases you.

It’s an interesting little game with two endings and a secret room to find. It’s got a very creepy atmosphere and there’s something particularly disturbing about being turned into a human keychain (and the grotesque animation when you key a key wrong). You’ll never look at your car keys the same again! Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Shift – Run, Tab – Bring Up Keychain, Arrow Keys – Change Key, E – Use Key

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Keychain Here

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