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Keys of a Gamespace is a beautifully drawn and surprisingly dark narrative driven point and click adventures that explores some disturbing subject matter as you delve into your memories and deal with moral dilemmas.

In Keys of a Gamespace you take on the role of a gamer and game developer who has taken to burying himself in his computer an ignoring his wife. There are some boxes of childhood souvenirs in your office which have to be dealt with, but it soon becomes apparent that those boxes are a metaphor for your memories and that there’s something deep in your past that needs to be dealt with.

As you explore your memories you meet past versions of yourself, solve simple puzzles and get a better understanding of who you are. Your memories are subdivided into three different levels, with the first level containing pleasant memories of playing, creating and falling in love, the second level contains memories of a traumatic event and the third level explores how you deal with that trauma. The traumatic event is particularly unsettling, so it’s best to avoid the game if you’re easily triggered.

Keys of a Gamespace elicits some powerful emotions during its short 30 minute playtime. It’s a hard hitting piece of storytelling that explores how we deal with psychological distress. We may all deal with trauma in different ways, but it’s important that we do deal with them in some way or they’ll clutter up our lives like boxes of junk on an office floor.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Keys of a Gamespace Here

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