Kittens – Browser Game


Kittens is a highly addictive blend of incremental clicker, resource management and kittens that starts off simply and expands exponentially into an epic time consuming masterpiece.

You start off Kittens by clicking to gather catnip, slowly, but surely amassing a small civilisation of kittens, building structures, crafting, trading and researching new technologies.  It starts off as an incremental clicker then evolves into a very complex resource management game – a huge one that with lots of hidden depth that will take a long time to complete.

Visually and gameplay-wise it’s reminiscent of A Dark Room (which we can’t recommend highly enough), and although Kittens doesn’t match A Dark Room‘s amount of genre twists, the resource management mechanics have far more depth.  A deep, rewarding, surprising and challenging kittencrimental clicker that’s more addictive than crack cocaine – it’s not called “the Dark Souls of incremental gaming” for nothing!

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Begginers Tip:  Keep an eye out for season changes – catnip supplies can drop in an instant any your poor little kittens will starve to death!

Play Kittens Here

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