Klocki – Browser Game

Klocki game

Klocki is a relaxing minimalist puzzler in which you swap tiles and attempt to line up the pipes so that there are no open ends.

The gameplay in Klocki is simple – just click two tiles on the same plane and they’ll swap – you must use this to help line up the pipes that are depicted on the tiles so that there are no open ends. The opening levels of Klocki are a little dull due to the fact that they are very simple, but things get a whole lot more interesting once three dimensional shapes are introduced – not only does it look a lot cooler, but the puzzles are a lot more engaging too.

Klocki is a very pleasant puzzler to play.  The puzzles never cause much frustration, there are no time limits or fail states and it’s fun slowly piecing each puzzle together, making for a relaxing and meditative experience well worth checking out.

Contols:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Klocki Here

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