KLOSTERTRIEKA – Downloadable Game

KLOSTERTRIEKA is a fast paced top-down dogfighting game where you blast angels to fight your way into Heaven.

In KLOSTERTRIEKA you have been denied entry to Heaven. You’re obviously not too happy about this so have decided to fight your way in. You now need to blast your way through the nine clouds of angels that are standing between you and the pearly gates.

KLOSTERTRIEKA may look like a twin-stick shooter, but it’s actually a single-stick shooter, so you can only aim in the direction you’re flying. This does initially make things pretty tricky, but once you get used to it you can start running circles around those pesky angels. Between rounds you can also stop by your base to tend to plants and earn upgrades, preparing you for future fights. See if you can shoot your way into Heaven!

Controls: Controller Recommended

Available On: Windows


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