Kowloon’s Curse: Lost Report – Downloadable Game

Kowloon’s Curse: Lost Report is a Dreamcast era JRPG inspired adventure about a Mafia henchman in a surreal city filled with weird creatures.

A prequel to the upcoming Kowloon’s Curse game, Lost Curse is an hour long adventure that follows the story of a Mafia henchman called Mr. Manslaughter. Each day you are called and given jobs to complete by a mysterious figure called “The Inspector” and you meet up with your (rather unhinged) partner to carry them out. These jobs see you exploring the city, talking to the locals, some light puzzle solving and a little turn-based combat.

The city is a fun place to explore and is a surreal nightmarish place that’s filled with (often friendly) talking monsters. The combat is similar to most traditional JRPGs, but there are some fun little twists, such as allowing you to make opponents cry or a special move where you give them an explosive cigarette. Your choices during the game will affect your stats, which will not only allow for more powerful attacks in combat, but will also open up new narrative choices.

The ending of Kowloon’s Curse: Lost Reportdoesn’t really wrap much up (as it’s a prequel), but it’s a fantastic little adventure nonetheless. The city is a fun place to spend some time in, the story is wonderfully weird and the characters you meet are very memorable. A surreal crime-filled adventure that will hit you like a blast from your partner’s smocaine pipe!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Z/C – Strafe, E – Interact, R – Look

Available On – Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Kowloon’s Curse: Lost Report Here

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