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Kyle is Famous is a very funny little branching text based adventure where you make a series of tiny decisions that can have a very different effect on how a talk show host’s day turns out – from turning into a ghost to time-travelling to turning up to an interview naked!

In Kyle is Famous you take control of a popular talk show host called Kyle, who has a big interview lined up for later in the day. Kyle has to prepare for the interview by researching questions, but he also has to remember to do other things like eating food and getting dressed – forgetting small details like that can have some disastrous consequences. Of course there are lots of other bizarre activities that you can amuse yourself with, such as time-travelling or eating lard until you puke (then continuing to eat the puke/lard mixture).

Needless to say it’s a very silly game with lots of random hilarity. There are 21 possible endings to find in total, the majority of which put poor Kyle in some very odd situations. There’s only one “good” ending though – see if you can figure out how to pull off the perfect interview with your very important guest!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Steam

Download Kyle is Famous Here

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