LABYRINTH: Derelict Abyss – Download Game

LABYRINTH: Derelict Abyss is a surreal and stylish exploration game where you search for living relics in a strange labyrinthine maze.

Created by June Flower (creator of the excellent Remnants), in LABYRINTH: Derelict Abyss you find yourself in a museum-like building, filled with strange installations, hidden passages and mysterious artefacts. Your aim is to collect 12 living artefacts that are scattered around the labyrinth and as you do, you learn a little more about the place and its mysterious past. A lot of the artefacts are easy enough to find, but it’s a big place that can be easy to get lost in and there are lots of hidden passageways to discover too.

It’s a fascinating experience exploring the beautiful pixel art labyrinth of LABYRINTH: Derelict Abyss. Each new room holds a new marvel to behold and the way it’s structured feels very organic, as if it’s a place that’s grown around the artefacts, rather than them being put on display there. A beautiful and bizarre place to get lost in.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Interaction,

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download LABYRINTH: Derelict Abyss Here

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