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Lady Ice game

Lady Ice is a creepy first person horror in which you attempt to avoid the dark and (more importantly) avoid Lady Ice as you ride out a storm in an old log cabin.

Lady Ice is a ghoulish apparition that materializes on the coldest of nights in the wild western frontier. She kills all she touches, but she’s not fond of light so will only strike in the darkness. Thankfully the cabin you’re holed up in has some candles handily placed around it, so it’ll be easy to stay in the light… right?

Wrong! The candles keep on going out and you have to keep in relighting them, and to make matters worse, Lady Ice also has the power to cast a darkness spell that causes all the candles to go out. When she casts the spell, for a short time you can’t relight the candles, you simply have to scramble around in the dark room and attempt to avoid getting caught by her. It’s not a big room, but flickers of lightning occasionally light it up so you can get your bearings and (more importantly) keep an eye on where she is.

To survive the night you need to survive through four of Lady Ice’s darkness spells, and it is possible if you keep a level head and do your best to keep track of where she’s standing. That’s easily said than done when the darkness closes in and you know SHE’s somewhere in the room with you though! A tense little game that will really make you fear the dark!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse – Look, LMB – Light Candle

Available On: Windows Only

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Lady Ice Here

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