Language Guesser – Browser Game

Language Guesser is a fun little browser based game that plays you a random selection of YouTube music videos from around the world then asks you to guess what language they’re in.

Think you know your Armenian from your Thai or your Hungarian from your Latvian? Language Guesser tests just how good your ear is for language by challenging you to listen to music videos from around the world then decide which language it’s in.

There are currently two different music categories, “Pop” and “Hip-Hop”. Some of the Hip-Hop music is quite good, but if you’ll generally find a whole lot of weird stuff in the Pop section! You can listen to each song for as long as you like, then you just select a language from the four options below it. If you fail you can answer again, but will lose a point off the maximum score.

It’s a simple but fun little game that not only trains your ear to recognise different languages but can also throw up the odd musical gem or extremely weird music video!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Language Guesser Here

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