Larry The Snake – Downloadable Game

Larry the snake

Larry The Snake is a fabulous fan made blend of The Binding of Isaac and Snake, in which you control Larry Jr. as he roams arenas, eating enough poop to kill the bosses and descend deeper into the dungeon.

Gameplay in Larry The Snake is similar to Snake, with you roaming the levels eating poop to grow larger and progress to the next level.  This, however is made exponentially harder by the presence of a variety of boss characters form The Binding of Isaac – each perfectly created with their own move sets and animations.

The audio and visual design in Larry the Snake are exceptional, if we didn’t know better this could easily of been released by The Binding of Isaac devs themselves – especially as it retains Isaac’s punishing difficulty and warped sense of humor.  It’s the most brutally hard, beautifully animated and addictive poop-eating game of Snake you’ll ever play.

Controls: WASD – Movement

Available On:  Windows (requires Java)

Note:  The current build doesn’t feature an end screen, so the end is when you kill the final boss and can’t descend any further

Follow The development of Larry The Snake Here

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Larry The Snake Here

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