Last Lights – Downloadable Game

Last Lights is a chilled out little 2-.5 side-scrolling adventure with a focus on environmental storytelling as you guide some fireflies through a dark Sci-Fi world.

Created by students from the Games Academy, in Last Lights you take control of a cluster of fireflies as they make their way through an industrialised Sci-Fi city. You need to avoid glowing lamps that burn and kill parts of your swarm, but they’re fairly easy to avoid and you can collect more fireflies along the way to reinforce your numbers.

The gameplay in Last Lights is pretty simple and easy, but the environmental storytelling is the real draw, with your little fireflies travelling through some interesting locations that tell a lot about the city they’re trying to escape. A light-dodging side-scrolling adventure well worth shining a light on.

Controls: WASD – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download Last Lights Here

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