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Last Meal Game

Last Meal is a short and wonderfully macabre first person adventure in which you must find ways to avoid eating poisoned potato salad that’s been served to you by crazed cultists.

Played in first person with a point and click interface, you spent the whole game tied to a chair, sat at a table with three cultists.  Obviously you don’t really want to eat the potato salad because it’s poisoned (and it’s potato salad), so you must find inventive ways of getting rid of it without getting spotted.  This means that you must use and combine the few items around you to distract your captors, interact with out of reach objects and find hiding places for your poisoned meal – all while your dinner companions aren’t looking.

It’s a fun game with inventive puzzle design and a great sense of humor.  You’ll need your wits around you if you want to outsmart the cultists – you don’t want your last meal to be potato salad do you?

Controls:  WASD – Look Around,  LMB – Pick-Up/Use/Combine Item,  RMB – Cancel

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Stuck? Checkout the Walkthrough Video: Here

Download Last Meal Here

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