Late Night Driver – Downloadable Game

Late Night Driver game

Late Night Driver is a very cool low poly arcade racing/smash-em-up in which you attempt to rack up a high score by bouncing red cars into white ones.

At its core Late Night Driver is a high speed game of billiards, with you attempting to smash red cars into white cars to score points. The more white cars you you hit with the red cars the higher your multiplier goes, but you have to be careful as the multiplier will reset if you collide with a red car.

Late Night Driver is a simple game, but thanks to its fun gameplay, and super cool audio /visual design, it’s a very addictive experience. Perfect for working out any lingering road rage you have for that a**hole that cut you off at the intersection yesterday!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: Avoid hitting into the white cars – you’ll lose your multiplier

Download Late Night Driver Here

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