Latte Artist: Halloween Edition – Browser Game

Latte Artist: Halloween Edition is a fun little art game where you try to create spooky designs with milk on the top of coffee cups.

The gameplay in Latte Artist: Halloween Edition is very simple – you are texted a design from a customer and you pour milk to try and create it as faithfully as possible. You need to account for the milk spreading and you only have a limited amount of milk for each picture so you need to be quick. Once you’ve created your frothy masterpiece you then take a picture and send it to the customer, who will give you a rating on your efforts.

It’s a simple and wholesome little game that keeps you coming back for just one more cup. It can be very tricky to create a good looking picture but you get a real sense of pride when you do!

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Browser

Play Latte Artist: Halloween Edition Here

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