Lavi Quest – Downloadable Game

Lavi Quest

Lavi Quest is an adorable action platformer in which you play a fat little cat who must save the world by doing what cats do best – knocking things over and breaking them!

After an alien invasion, Lavi the cat is the worlds only hope. She must travel though 18 perilous levels, packed with deadly traps and enemies on her quest to knock precious objects off high places. Quite how this will stop the alien invasion is not known, but you’re a cat and don’t really need much of an excuse to knock things over!

Although you’re a rather rotund animal, you’re capable of rolling and jumping with a surprising amount of finesse, and you also have a nifty ability to transform into a rocket wile in the air, allowing you to jump higher or further depending on what arrow key you’re pressing at the time. The animation, audio and level design is excellent throughout Lavi Quest, offering up a short, cheerful and challenging feline platformer that’s packed with variety and charm. A purrfect little platformer.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement/Aim Rocket, X – Jump/Fire Rocket, F4 – Fullscreen

Available On: Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Lavi Quest Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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