LCD, Please – Browser Game

LCD, Please is a fun little Papers, Please demake that’s styled as an old handheld LCD game.

Created by Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope and Keiko Pope, LCD, Please is an LCD styled demake made to celebrate 10 years since the original game’s release. There’s no narrative this time around, but the core gameplay in the demake is pretty similar to the original.

Each day a procession of entrants approaches, states their name, their name and country of origin. You then need to check their passports for any irregularities. If you find something wrong you deny them entry and if they look legit then you let them in. You earn cash for each correct choice and lore cash for mistakes.

It’s a simple, but oddly addictive little game that does a great job of recreating the Paper, Please gameplay within the limitations of an LCD style framework. The variety of different possible faces is particularly impressive and even the rudimentary beeps of the SFX are strangely satisfying. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play LCD, Please Here

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