Le Manoir de L’Étrange – Download Game

Le Manoir de L’Étrange is a short and spooky puzzle adventure where you have to use a stone that saps your lifeforce to help you solve the puzzles.

In Le Manoir de l’Étrange you control a detective who is investigating some unexplained disappearances that have occurred in an old creepy manor. You have to solve three different puzzles to unravel the mystery, but due to the bad condition of the place you can only see fragments of the clues. You can use a mysterious stone to reveal all that is hidden from you, but it comes at a cost – every second you use it makes your lifeforce drain. You’ll have to work fast to solve the puzzles or you’ll die trying.

It’s a fun little puzzler with a great visual style and tricky puzzles that require you to think fast to solve them. A murder mansion adventure well worth investigating.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Note: Le Manoir de L’Étrange has a secret ending, but you’ll have to pay very close attention to the solutions the first time you complete it to be able to reach it.

Download Le Manoir de L’Étrange Here

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