Le Noël des Corsaires – Browser Game

Le Noël des Corsaires is an oddly addictive browser based live online Christmas tree decorating game, where you throw decorations at trees to decorate them and claim them for your own.

In Le Noël des Corsaires you are given an infinite amount of decorations and a vast, ever expanding forest of Christmas trees to decorate. You decorate the trees by selecting a type of decoration from your box then clicking, dragging and releasing to throw them. You earn a point for every decoration that hits the tree, with a multiplayer kicking in if you manage more than 10 in a row. Each tree has a different point score that you have to achieve and if you reach it then you get to name it – but it’s the person who throws the last decoration that gets to claim and name the tree, so have to be fast if playing alongside others!

It’s a simple but fun little game with interesting social multiplayer mechanics and lots of fun little touches (such as being able to decorate venus fly-traps, frozen reindeer and Santa Claus). A great bit of social festive decoration flinging fun.

Note: Trees with signposts next to them are already decorated so you can’t claim them (but you can still decorate them if you like)

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: All Browsers

Play Le Noël des Corsaires Here

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