Leaf Pile Simulator – Browser Game

Leaf Pile Simulator is an adorable little game where you enjoy the simple pleasures of jumping about in a pile of leaves.

In Leaf Pile Simulator you control an adorable looking cat/dog-like creature as they jump about in a pile of Autumn leaves. There’s no real objective, but there are some fun little easter eggs to discover and once you’ve finished messing about in one pile of leaves you can simply press the spacebar to reset to a brand new pile.

It’s a very simple little bite-sized game but Leaf Pile Simulator is a wonderful little experience that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The artwork is very cozy and the noises your character makes as it plays in the leaves are delightful.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Down, Fling Leaves, Up – Jump, Spacebar – Reset

Available On: Browser

Play Leaf Pile Simulator Here

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