Left Leaning – Browser Game

Left Leaning

Left Leaning is a highly addictive driving puzzle game in which you must navigate devious courses by only turning left.

You control your little red car in Left Leaning with just one button (well two if you include the horn), with your car hurtling ever forward and you pressing the left arrow key to turn left. Things start off relatively easy, but the difficulty soon ramps up as new surfaces such as mud, ice and oil are implemented. Each one of these surfaces can drastically alter the size of your turning circle, and make navigating the deviously designed courses a real challenge, and there’s also some switches to contend with.

It’s a fun little game that has that crucial ‘just-one-more-go’ quality – fast, simple, challenging and super addictive.

Controls:  Left Arrow – Turn Left,  Z – Toot Horn

Available On:  All Unity Supported Browsers

Play Left Leaning Here

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