Let’s Go Build A ______________ – Browser Game

Let’s Go Build A ______________ is a delightful little game that tasks you with building a new object everyday out of just 20 LEGO bricks.

In Let’s Go Build A ______________ you have access to an assortment of different LEGO style bricks which you can switch between a variety of colors. You can only use 20 of them though, which you can slot together to form the object asked for in either the Daily Challenge or the Random Challenge modes.

The UI is very well designed and easy to use and it’s so easy to pick up and slot the bricks together that you’ve got to wonder why LEGO hasn’t made an official block building game like this. You’ll have to be very creative to make some of the more complex requested objects, such as a “Summer Scene”, “a Dragon” or a “Skiing Trip” with just 20 blocks, but there’s no timer and no points system to get worried about – it’s all just for fun. Happy building!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Browser

Play Let’s Go Build A ______________ Here

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