Levelone – Browser Game

Levelone game

Levelone is a fun little game in which you attempt to work with (and then defeat) the developer of a game who’s still tweaking with the code and doesn’t want you to enter the second level.

In Levelone you control a little character who is helping the developer to test out some of the basic gameplay mechanics of the levels he’s creating. Aside form a few little bugs, this goes well, but then the developer places the door for level two on the right side of the screen and tells you not to go through it as it’s not ready yet. Surely you’ll obey him and stay put? Haha, thought not! Have fun in this short little adventure with some cool twists and some great 4th wall breaking humor!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Shoot

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play or Download Levelone Here

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