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Lianthus is a charming and very stylish little metroidvania adventure where a cute little skeleton travels between light and dark worlds as they attempt to seal away the darkness that threatens their forest.

In Lianthus you take on the role of a skeleton who has been brought to life by a witch who mistakenly carried out a spell that now threatens to unleash darkness upon an idyllic little forest. You now set out on an adventure where you solve puzzles, discover secrets, learn new skills and meet quirky characters as you attempt to fight the darkness. You’ll also be able to unlock special doorways that take you to a dark version of the forest (a little like A Link to the Past’s Dark World) where everything is a little more spooky (but still just as beautifully animated!)

It can get a little easy to lose your bearings in Lianthus’s magical woodland, but it’s a wonderful place to get lost in. The pixelated visuals are gorgeous, there are lots of quirky characters to meet and there’s lots of fun stuff to discover on your adventure (including lots of cool alternate color palettes). Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, E – Interaction, LMB – Attack

Available On: Windows

Download Lianthus Here

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