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Light Well Fountain is a tricky first person dual world puzzle platformer in which you phase between a dark and a light world each time you jump.

The goal in each level of Light Well Fountain is to make your way to the large outlined structures that are missing from the light world (such as a lighthouse or a fountain), then resore them and reach their heart. This can be quite tricky as some platforms only exist in the light or dark world and the dark world can also harbour hazards such as deadly spikes.

It’s a fun game with beautiful low poly visual style, cleverly designed levels, challenging gameplay and a chilled out music score. A well crafted slice of Ying and Yang puzzle platforming well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump/Switch Worlds, Hold Spacebar – Glide, E – Interact, R – Respawn

Available On: Windows

Download Light Well Fountain Here

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  1. Love the unique gameplay of jumping between dimensions, super cool!
    Great write up and suggestion!
    Link for Laughs –

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