Lighthouse of the Dead – Downloadable Game

Lighthouse of the Dead is a House of the Dead inspired on-rails shooter where you blast the faces off mutant fogs as you try to make your way to a nearby lighthouse.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s lightgun classics, Lighthouse of the Dead is a gory on-rails shooter with a very satisfying dismemberment system. The overall gameplay in fairly simple – you have one gun (a shotgun) which you use to blast mutant frogs and zombies, with you earning extra health for chaining together accurate shots.

It could do with a bit more variety (enemy types, guns, power-ups, etc.), but it’s a fun little game that would be great for expanding on. Watching parts fall off enemies or you blast them is particularly enjoyable. See if you can make it to the lighthouse!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Lighthouse of the Dead Here

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