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Lightweaver Game Download

Lightweaver is a very impressive first person puzzle platforming sci-fi adventure in which you guide a cheerful robot through a series of intricate line-of-sight based puzzles as you attempt to save a great city from being lost to flooding.

In Lightweaver you are tasked with activating the mechanisms hidden within ancient submerged temples as you attempt to save your city. You’re not alone, you have a Wheatly-esque floating droid called Mari, that can assist you by activating mechanisms and opening doors – but only if you can guide them to the correct points within the levels.

Mari can only travel along straight line paths that you dictate by firing markers at surfaces. In each level Mari has to make it from one activation node to another in one motion and you need to guide her between them by placing one or more markers on surfaces to guide her there. You basically have to think about Mari’s line-of-sight, whilst placing markers as best you can from your own line-of-sight to get through each level.

It’s a simple concept for a that’s cleverly implemented with a variety of inventive twists as you make your way through the game – introducing new abilities at the end of each temple to shake up the proceedings. The puzzle design is superb throughout, with each self contained puzzle room offering a real test of your spacial awareness and problem solving skills.

Taking around an hour or two to complete, Lightweaver is a delight to play from start to finish, full of intelligent puzzle design, beautiful visuals and a very high level of polish. A cleverly crafted line-of-sight puzzle adventure we highly recommend setting your sights on!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Guide, LMB – Fire Marker, R – Remove Marker, E – Move Mari

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: We did notice a couple of bugs in the second temple, if they cause you to get stuck you can just press escape and reset that level to carry on.

Download Lightweaver Here

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